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Educational Psychology and Screening Services (EPSS) - How We Work

An initial consultation with an experienced Psychologist.

Individual work using a range of assessment materials.

A clear and comprehensive report completed normally within 2 weeks.

Personalised recommendations, advice, strategies, targeted intervention programmes and guidance on additional support.

A follow-up consultation if requested to discuss the report and any further questions.

The work of the psychologist may include classroom observation, individual assessment and consultation with those who know the individual well.

Once a child/young person/ adult has been assessed, EPSS is able to offer on-going support, advice and or reassessment.

Following an enquiry we will:-

Confirm whether we can meet this request and time scale.

Forward a referral form for completion.

Forward a terms of business letter confirming costs for your approval.

Educational Psychology and Screening Services (EPSS)

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